Género y Textura

Chiquita Room Gallery / Barcelona 2019

Site specific / Performance

With the collaboration of Adela Cabré, Íria Llena Gaso, Eva Rodríguez Arias and Sally Schofield.

Creation of a domestic territory under an eminently red aesthetic and its power, based on as triped IKEA fabric that has been with him for years.  

Since the date of the exhibition, the Swedish furniture chain had no presence in Chile(where it finally set up shop in 2022), the country is unknowingly preparing for the "assemble it yourself" revolution, which has democratised design and turned millions of homes into redundant prints from all over the planet.


Alfredo Da Venezia - Laura Gonzälez Palacios - Sandra Hayvel
Adela Cabré
Eva Riestra Arias
Íria Llena Gaso